Metro cooked this up and put it on your tab


USM students now have a direct, cost-effective and safe shuttle bus service (no stops) that is exclusive to them, and that works very well. Thanks to Metro, they're about to lose it.

Metro and USM have proposed adding stops and allowing anyone onto the bus --- a safety concern. And Metro wants to soak you for $4.5 million, plus at least $2 million annually after 2020, to buy and operate buses that few students will likely ride. Before making this announcement, however, USM (which pays NO taxes) didn't ask private companies (who DO pay taxes) if they could meet student needs more efficiently and more cost-effectively. This may very well not be in the taxpayers' best interests, and we're calling attention to that fact.

We SUPPORT necessary public transit. We OPPOSE wasting tax money.


USM will accept "free" passes...

In August 2017, the university announced that it will accept 8,000 "free" student passes that Metro offered, an understandable decision. Problem is, most of those passes will never be used.

Forecaster Article

...And Metro will Cash In

Giving "free" passes to students who won't use them allows Metro to claim that "ridership" has increased by 8,000 ---- thus giving the organization more access to big buckets of federal money.

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