METRO hiking rates, selling its tax-exempt status to developers


USM students used to have a direct, cost-effective and safe shuttle bus service (no stops) that was exclusive to students. It worked very well. But Metro muscled the taxpaying bus company that used to operate the shuttle out of the way, and that direct shuttle is now gone. It was a no-bid process.

Surprised about what came next? MAJOR FARE INCREASES. Oh, and asking taxpayers in area towns for EVEN MORE MONEY.

Now they’re involved in some sort of complicated deal in which METRO LENDS IT TAX-EXEMPT STATUS to private developers, so they can advance a project and reap a major profit. What exactly is going on here?

Sensible public transportation is good. Abusing taxpayers to build an empire is not.


USM acceptED "free" passes...

In August 2017, the university announced that it would accept 8,000 "free" student passes that Metro offered, an understandable decision. Problem is, most of those passes will never be used.

Forecaster Article

...And Metro CashED In

Giving "free" passes to students who won't use them allowed Metro to claim that "ridership" has increased by 8,000 ---- thus giving the organization more access to big buckets of federal money.

Press Herald Article