GORHAM TIMES: USM and Metro Refute Private Bus Companies’ Charges

The University of Southern Maine and the University of Maine System in Orono have issued statements deny- ing a recent claim by four Maine bus companies, including Gorham-based Custom Coach & Limousine, that USM unfairly terminated its contract with the private company in order to contract with Metro for a different type of student bus service.

Custom Coach & Limousine is currently providing the direct Gorham to Portland student shuttle service, as it has for the past six years. USM has informed Custom Coach that the arrangement will end prior to the beginning of the 2018-2019 school year.

The private bus firms have accused Portland Metro of using taxpayer subsidies to undercut private companies interested in providing a university student shuttle service, and they shared their concerns at at a press conference held on November 28. Custom Coach & Limousine owner Gregg Isherwood said that his bus company, and other private bus companies, did not get a chance to bid on a USM student shuttle before the Metro public service was chosen.